Our Marketing Strategies


You are headed in the right direction when you realize the customer viewpoint is more important than the company viewpoint. Its more productive to learn from your customers instead of about them.

Marketing Analysis

The goal of a market analysis is to determine the attractiveness of a market and to understand its evolving opportunities and threats as they relate to the strengths and weaknesses of the firm. David A. Aaker outlined the following dimensions of a market analysis: Market size (current and future) Market growth rate.

Competition Analysis

Who are the main competitors in the market either it is niche or open market. Designing strategies fully influenced by market competition. Aggressive or conservative, marketing approach purely depends on market competition.

Distribution Channel Review & Choice

Product reaching first to the service provided & then consumer how fast & perfectly is very crucial task. Reviewing these channels time to time is necessity. Selection of these channels is a Strategic decision.

Developing the Marketing Mix

Four P's combination influence the success & failure of product most of the time in any type of market easily so controlling these is very important task ..

Evaluating the Economics

Economics of the market & business both are important strategy making attributes. When to introduce any product in the market or pull from the market, by understanding the economics of the market.

Going Back & Revising

Self evaluation & repaired it when found any leakage in the business flow shows how much the business organised. While time to time using this strategy ensure right flow of business with market.

Value Creation Strategy

Dr. Sameer Bhati is the first person from this sector who has introduce this kind of value creation where with single membership a client enjoy luxury of a huge discounts in different fields from Hotels, Hospitals, Clubs, Fashion Apparels etc. including for Diagnostics in our SIPL, its name is “Star Lifestyle card”.

Star Education & Training Institute

From so many years, we are in this service sector & had watched this industrial segment very closely, we are the witnessed of changing market forces & demands so on keeping these things into our mind, we initiated a project & establish “Star Education & Training Institute”. Our main objective of starting this new venture is to provide this industry highly skilled work force, of establishing perfect synergy between theory & practical & making education job oriented. Now we have many tie-ups & in that most important is PM Modi’s new initiative of providing training to J&K students. Everyday & year thousands of students are benefited from this new initiatives & we except that in few years even in small village we have proper medical facilities with fully skilled work force.

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